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Martin OL5Y

Agree. I will like it too.

Now I use LID1, LID2, BIGLID1, ... ;-)

Martin OL5Y


From: [] On Behalf Of VE9AA - Mike
Sent: Monday, March 5, 2018 7:36 PM
Subject: Re: [N1MMLoggerPlus] Suggestion


I do the same as Bill, K2PO, so that as I S&P up/dn and hear a pileup from some DX operator not ID-ing and it sounds like he might be rare.
I normally go UNassisted.  I can't wait around 5, 10, 15 minutes for someone to ID.  I'll check back.

The Kludge (as Bill calls it, hi!) works, but only if you remember not to use the same DX1, DX2 mnemonic over again.  If there are a lot of non-IDing guys, then sometimes
they get overwritten, it's true.  Occasionally I'll use "EUDX1" or "CARIB1DX" or PAC2DX, just in case I can sorta determine/guess the direction given the time of day, band, or beam direction.

Would be nice if the CTRL-UP (or down) WOULD stop at a marked spot.....

Mike VE9AA

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