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Thanks Rich
Will pass info to my friend.
Will let you know.
Have a nice weekend
73 de VE2FK

Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2018 8:53 PM
Subject: [N1MMLoggerplus] Re: MMTTY Issue

A second guess would be that the mouse button is being held down instead of just clicking briefly. The yellow bar should flash briefly while the information is being transferred from the digital window to the entry window. If the mouse button is held down, or if something is preventing the data from being transferred, it might stay in the paused state.

Rich VE3KI

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My guess would be that the call sign he is clicking on is near the left edge of the window, and where he is clicking is a bit farther to the left than he thinks it is. If the click point strays into the pause bar by even one pixel, it will do what you described.
Rich VE3KI

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A friend has an MMTTY issue that is puzzling. When he clicks on the call in the decode window the vertical bar on the left (the pause bar) changes to yellow and never returns to green so no decoding is done unless he clicks on the yellow bar and it then changes back to green and decoding resumes. Any ideas why this would happen???
John W9ILY

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