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Thanks John!

That did it!


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Remove the double quotes.  I do not understand why that was added to the instructions. I have no issue here playing two wav files with or without the concatenating wav player.

If the problem continues, change the function key message to play the first wav file twice.
F8 Tnx,{OPERATOR}\thanks.wav,{OPERATOR}\thanks.wav

Then change the function key message to play the second wav file twice.
F8 Tnx,{OPERATOR}\thanks2.wav,{OPERATOR}\thanks2.wav

If these examples work then this will play. 
F8 Tnx,{OPERATOR}\thanks1.wav,{OPERATOR}\thanks2.wav
I am assuming that if you use the concatenating wav player you are following the sampling rule.

If you can't resolve the issue, post the error message and the text of the function key that you are playing.

John, K3CT

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I would like to play two different wav files after each other,

Like say in F7 I have a Nice "QRzed this is WB9SBD" It Plays the QRZ.WAV file.

and say in F10 I have "Sorry No Copy" and it plays the SORRY.WAV

Say if I wanted to put into another empty F key say F11 the equivalent of hitting F10 then F7 so say it would play the Sorry wav then the QRZ wav.

In the web site it says,

6. Special Measures for SSB Function Keys
CW and RTTY messages are quite straightforward. SSB messages, however, are a bit trickier. If you run two filenames, or a macro and a filename together - for example "Mycall.wavCQ.WAV" or "1Mycall.wav - Windows won't know where the firstelement ends and the second begins. The simple solution is to insert a comma between elements in an SSB message, so that example becomes "Mycall.wav,CQ.WAV". Note that if you use a comma to concatenate wav files, you must put the whole string in double quotes in the editor. 
I have tried many things and I only get errors.  what would be the correct string to enter?


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