Ed, you still can use this key for what you wanted, but without the ?
You have VE2 inserted in the call box... you want the guy to repeat... use F5 it
will send VE2� and the guy will repeat VE2FK hi.


Le 2018-02-22 � 21:30, ai6o@... [N1MMLoggerplus] a �crit�:


John and Claude,

That fixed it.� Thanks.� Didn't think that F2 was "reading" F5.� I'm sure you know what I was trying to do--when you get a�partial, send what you have and end with a question mark.�

I do understand that with the pgm all you need to do is fix the call and it will go back and correct the call upon your F3 (TU) response.� This is a great feature.

As always, the Help is terrific in this group.� Thanks again!

Ed, AI6O

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