FT-891 setup

barry whittemore

I just got an FT-891 and am trying to interface with N1MM.

I am using a new Win 10  HP laptop.

I have installed the driver for the 891 and have the 2 virtual ports. (Com 3 and 4)

I have set up the control on the enhanced port com 3.

The radio connects and seems to work fine.

now i am trying to set up CW and or digi to use the other port.

both ports appear good in device mangler.

I do not get errors when starting N1MM so i believe the port is being found.

i get no CW or PTT in either digi or CW modes.

The 891 manual is unclear if the radio can do cw via command  or digi through usb interface but does seem to imply it can.

has anyone been able to do any of this? I know and accept that the radio has some limitations, but want to use all i can.

Thanks for any info anyone has.




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