Logging Error in CQWWSSB


I just realized, when we ran CQWWSSB a few weeks ago, when we did it
at a friends house, he had the log all set and ready to roll.  We ran
the contest and when it was all done generated the Cabrillo and ADIF
files, to send to the contest sponsors, and import to the main log.

BUT..... While everything we sent over the air was correct, he forgot to
change databases, and all the contacts were logged as his stations call,
not the call we actually used.

In the Cabrillo file, that was easy to fix, a simple find & replace.
Take his call out and insert the right one. Like I said all RF wise was
fine just wrong database.

But the ADIF file,,,, what would be the easiest way to fix that so we
can put all these contacts into the stations log correctly?


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