Re: Looking for some programming help with switch emulation coding

Knut Meland

Sorry for bothering you. Checked and found that the reflector is down.

73 de LA9RY Knut

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A DVK does not have the flexibility of a sound card or radio codec.

Your function key text is wrong. The code is not sending three commands.
Here is a sentence from the manual (Macros section).
“You can not place more than one CAT1ASC or CAT2ASC macro in a function key

This portion of your message looks like a typing error:
{cat{cat1asc swh37;}

Record everything in one message and played one DVK message.

If you must send three radio commands see the manual instructions. Here is
the link:

John, K3CT

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Subject: [N1MMLoggerplus] Looking for some programming help with switch
emulation coding

I am trying to get the following commands to work using N1MM function keys.
What I want to do is using the SWT or SWH codes is to press and hold the rec
button on the radio which will switch memory bank to two, push the M1 button
to play the recorded voice, and then switch the memory bank back to one.
This is the code I have so far.
F5 Prec,{cat1asc swh37;}{cat1asc swt21;}{cat{cat1asc swh37;}
What I had found though was that N!MM spits out the code too fast and the K3
does  not have enough time to finishing processing the first cat1asc
command. Clearly I will need a delay between each of th e three “cat1asc”
codes so that the K3 will process each cat command and then be ready to
accept the next command.
So the question is; does the K3 have a method to introduce delay that I can
use on the N1MM function key string of commands so that the K3 can process
each command or does N1MM have a way to process each separate cat command in
a function key using a delay command of N1MM making?
So if there is a solution, it may lie with either N1MM, Elecraft or both so
I am posting to both lists.
Best regards,
Jerry Knowlton, W1IE

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