Re: RTTY macro bug in N1MM with additional call!!

Rag LB-Three-RE Stein-Roar


The mc file i just downloaded it from N1MM page.

I will send you a copy 👍

Best Regards,
Stein-Roar Brobakken

22. okt. 2017 kl. 12:16 skrev 'Larry Gauthier (K8UT)' k8ut@... [N1MMLoggerplus] <N1MMLoggerplus@...>:


Please post the .MC file that you are using for this contest so that we can look at it.
-larry (K8UT)
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Subject: Re: [N1MMLoggerplus] RTTY macro bug in N1MM with additional call!!


No ESM enabled.
I am using default rtty macro from N1MM, but getting delayed in QSO Because it transmit callsign two times.
Even i remove the ! the Macro transmit a callsign, so N1MM overrides time of use in a RTTY QSO.
I see everybody using N1MM in contest have this shitty problem...
Best Regards,
Stein-Roar Brobakken

22. okt. 2017 kl. 10:27 skrev 'Les Elliott' g4ogb@... [N1MMLoggerplus] <N1MMLoggerplus@...>:

Are you using ESM?
Copy and paste the complete macro file
Les, G4OGB
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Subject: [N1MMLoggerplus] RTTY macro bug in N1MM with additional call!!


N1MM have a grumphy RTTY macro bug...

I wonder how to shut off they annoying extra callsign plus Enter in N1MM
RTTY macro?
The first callsign is anyway hidden in N1MM.. cannot turn it off!!

Its like this now
TX Callsign
Callsign RST Exchange mycallsign

I removed now the 2nd callsign.
but still it sends the callsign then enter new line.

I want to have like this
Callsign RST Exchange mycall

73s LB3RE
Best Regards Stein-Roar Brobakken

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