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How are you doing PTT? Do you have more than one method of PTT control configured? For example, do you have PTT configured in both N1MM+ and MMTTY? Also, do you have Sound card PTT enabled in the microHam Router? IIRC, that can cause problems, and it's not necessary when you are using software that can control PTT directly.

CPU usage going up sounds like some other activity may be interfering. Are you using telnet? Raw skimmer spots or filtered?

Rich VE3KI

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I ran CQ WW RTTY this weekend, and PTT hangs on end of TX from time to time. At any macro...
I use mmtty for tx, but cpu usage go up for n1mm suddenly. Cpu usage for mmtty stay normal.

Then need to ESC to make it stop, then its engage suddenly again 2-3 times...
After this a long stream of macros start to finish the stream...

This happens even no RF output to Microham MKII keyer.

A bug in n1mm?
Writelog works fine with mmtty.

Stein-Roar Brobakken

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