Re: Long PTT hang time

Rory Sena

What radio?

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 9:27 AM, Steve NR4M steve@... [N1MMLoggerplus] <N1MMLoggerplus@...> wrote:

Hello all,

I know this has been discussed before, so I searched all the messages from this group, that were on my computer.  I did not find anything I thought was the 'fix'.

I am getting ready for the NAQP RTTY and have found my PTT hangs at the end of a transmission for about 4 seconds.
I have not had this issue in the past and all has work just fine.  Only difference since I last used RTTY in Feb, was then I was using a Flex, which I have since sold (yea for me.) 
All the Flex software has been uninstalled, to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

I am using the internal sound card for receiving and decoding the FSK.  That is working fine and the Xmit is fine with the exception of the very long hang time.
In N1MM, under 'Config | config ports...' I do not have any of the 4 PTT check box selected, nor 'allow ext interupts'.  The other stuff is fine as I have rig control as I should.  DTR and RTS are 'always off'.

My FSK interface is homebrew and I only deal with the PTT line and the FSK (shift) line.  It is not used for CW.   In MMTTY, I've chosen 'port 12' , which is the right one and selected 'Sound + COM-TXD (FSK)' which is the way it's always been, and worked. 
Computer has been re-booted.  Rig has been re-booted.
If I hit 'esc' while the function key message is being sent, it will kill the transmit as it should.  If I wait till the actual message is done sending, and there is just the PTT hang time, the 'esc' key does not do anything.

Tried different RTTY contests.  Tried function key messages from other RTTY contests.
I've been messing with this for about 2 1/2 hours and am way past aggravated.
Can someone please direct me to my error?

73 de Steve, NR4M

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