Re: Use of {LASTCALL} ??

Rick Ellison

Hi Phil..

What do you find to messy when using it??

For me its this…

Click call one.

Click call 2, call 2 is moved to the stack.

Work call 1 enter his info then your logthenpop macro should be highlighted if it is configured correctly. ESM sends that key it logs call 1 and sends his TU pulls the other qso from the stack and places it in the EW to work. If your using ESM it should all be automated for you.


73 Rick N2AMG


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Hello all,


Thanks to Mike ND9G, Vilnis YL2KF and Jim N7US for answers.


To Mike and Jim, yes, I have tried LOGTHENPOP, but I simply find it too messy to use in the heat of battle.

Larry K8UT has kindly given me information on how to use it, but I find it hard work to implement easily.


I am used to the “other” contesting program, where entering the existing call, clicking on another and being able to send this:
TU AA5AU NOW K8UT 599 002 002 GU0SUP is easy.


Vilnis, I will try this out in the BARTG HF RTTY contest in a couple of weeks, but will practice with it before then.


Thanks for your answers….


73 de Phil GU0SUP


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