Re: use of {LASTCALL} ??

Jim N7US

And there’s a video of it at .


73, Jim N7US



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Have you looked at {LOGTHENPOP} ?



I believe that does exactly what you're wanting to do.



Mike ND9G (prev KB9BIB)




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Hi all,


Reading through the documentation (once more!) I see there is a function called {LASTCALL} that sends the last call logged.

That’s about all it says about this function.


While trying to figure out ways of handling multiple callers in RTTY, I am wondering if I can work a call, get the report, log it, enter a new call, and then use a function key to send something like {TX} TU {LASTCALL} Now ! F5 F2 {RX}


Has anyone tried this out? I have a feeling that it may not work as expected in ESM, but I think I would be happy without ESM, if this worked.


Can anyone help me with this?


Best 73




Posted by: Mike Ricketts <mike.nd9g@...>

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