Re: use of {LASTCALL} ??

Vilnis YL2KF

Hello Phil.

Exactly. "Normal" QSOs in ESM mode.
If several calling just log in first caller with F-key (or mouse click)
to complete first QSO and click in D1 to second caller and after push F11.
Normally You have time to do it.
Call stacking with LOGTHENPOP also possible but I not like it
due to garbage or errors in decoding,  now not using this feature at all.

Vilnis, YL2KF


On 27.02.2017 21:33, 'Phil Cooper' pcooper@... [N1MMLoggerplus] wrote:

Hi all,


Reading through the documentation (once more!) I see there is a function called {LASTCALL} that sends the last call logged.

That’s about all it says about this function.


While trying to figure out ways of handling multiple callers in RTTY, I am wondering if I can work a call, get the report, log it, enter a new call, and then use a function key to send something like {TX} TU {LASTCALL} Now ! F5 F2 {RX}


Has anyone tried this out? I have a feeling that it may not work as expected in ESM, but I think I would be happy without ESM, if this worked.


Can anyone help me with this?


Best 73



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