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Rick Ellison

The reason for your error is you are trying to set the radio to both com ports. On COM3 your radio should be set to “None” and you should place a checkmark in the digital box on that line as you have the CW/Other box checked. On the settings tab for COM3 uncheck PTT via radio command digital mode. When you check the digital box you will see other settings on the settings window make sure you have DigWindnr set to 1 also.


73 Rick N2AMG


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OK I shall try and do this step by step so first of all, this is confusing me. I have the CAT set up on COM4 as shown in the picture and it works as it should in MMVARI. I then go to add COM3 to operate the PTT and this is the error that pops up. I only have one radio so what is it im doing wrong for this to show up?


The other picture shows the settings I have for COM4. Is there anything wrong with these?


thanks again guys,



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