Re: Set up problem with FT50D

Rick Ellison

What digital interface are you using?

If it is like most of the PTT interfaces you’re going to want to set the COM port settings that control your interface to RTS=PTT if it contains a CW interface in in it you will set DTR=CW.

On the port settings for that port in the main setup section Hardware tab make sure you have the digital checkbox set. When you open the settings window for that port make sure the DigWniNr is set to 1 since you are only using one radio. Make sure that all of the PTT boxes on the settings window are unchecked.


73 Rick n2AMG


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Im not in the shack now so will take another look tomorrow but I would say the whole problem revolves around COM3 and the PTT not working as it should but I just cant seem to get the settings correct. Not sure off the top of my head how ive set it up but the CAT works correctly, it's the PTT side of things that seem to be screwing it up.....


Thanks for your help so far guys,


73 Kev - M6KNS

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