Re: 2Tone printing off-screen

Rick Ellison

I had another email On this over the  weekend also. It’s on my list to work on so as I get time I will see what’s going on.


73 Rick N2AMG


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I was using SO2R during the RTTY Roundup.  DI-2 had attached 2Tone and MMTTY windows, with 2Tone as receive-only.  Text in the 2Tone section would frequently print off-screen, where I couldn’t see it. In other words, it was not doing word wrap.  I tried resizing the font, with the widget in the upper right corner of the DI Window, and I tried changing the size of the entire window, but neither helped.  If I made the font really small, text took longer to reach the right edge, but it didn’t always start at the left edge, and I had squelch turned off, so there were a lot of garbage characters.


DI-1 had the same split-window setup, but behaved normally.


Any ideas?







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