Re: F2 remains highlighted after receving RTTY exchange

Rick Ellison

Open the Digital setup window and on the left side about 4-5 items down place a checkmark in Send Space on Callsign Click.

When you click the call with the first click it will advance the procedure so your F5/F2 will be highlighted next. That should correct what you are seeing.


73 Rick n2AMG


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First, my apologies if this question has been answered previously. I searched the forum but could not find the situation I’m about to describe.


I am using N1MM version 1.0.6024.0. I have “Enter Sends Message” on, “Right Click = Return NOT menu” on and Hover mode off.


When using N1MM for RTTY contests, it is not behaving for me as described in the online documentation, which reads:

3.2. The Rate Improver - Right Click = Return NOT Menu

Select from the settings menu in the Digital window "Right Click = Return NOT menu". This setting could improve your rate greatly as your hand never leaves the mouse except for the occasional difficult exchange. Making a qso:

·         While in Run mode with ESM on

o    Right click in the DI's RX window to send CQ

o    When a station replies left click on the call

o    Right click sends your exchange

o    As he sends his exchange, left click on it

o    Right click again to send TU and log the QSO

o    Right click again sends CQ (and you're back at the first bullet)

·         In S&P it does the same thing as hitting Enter to advance thru the ESM mode


In S&P mode, I left-click on a call sign and it appears in the Entry window.


I right-click and my F4 (S&P Call) macro is sent.


I left-click on the signal report and exchange and they appear in appropriate places in the Entry Window, after which, the Entry window cursor moves to the call sign field and the F4 button remains highlighted.


If I right-click or hit enter, instead of my “TU” (F3) macro being sent, N1MM sends my F4 macro again, unless I take the additional (undocumented) step of clicking first in the exchange field of the Entry Window. If I do that, the F2 and “Log it” buttons are then highlighted and I can send the TU with a right-click.


Everything I see in the documents indicates that the additional step of clicking in the exchange field of the Entry window should not be necessary. And in fact, it wasn’t necessary a couple years ago, with an earlier version of N1MM.


What am I doing wrong?

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