Re: Fldigi, mmtty 2 tone or all three?

David G3YYD <g3yyd@...>

I would point out that using radio FSK is sub optimum for three reasons.


1.     Radio FSK signal is very wide and you are causing QRM to your fellow RTTY operators. (K3 is an exception).

2.     It has timing jitter on the mark/space transitions causing decode errors at the far end.

3.     The wide spectrum occupancy wastes a lot of power as it is beyond the decoder filters.


Using AFSK, but preferably either Fldigi AFSK or 2Tone DOOK, has a narrow transmit bandwidth, no timing jitter and makes best use of transmit power as it matches the decoder filtering.


If using MMTTY AFSK then it must have the TX bandpass filtering on at 512 taps, the default setting is not good.


73 David G3YYD


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Fldigi doesn't do FSK without additional hardware.


The majority of RTTY users, especially those who use FSK, are probably using MMTTY as the main digital engine and adding other programs for receive-only windows. AFSK users might choose to use 2Tone or fldigi as their main (transmit/receive) engine instead.


There should not be any port conflicts. The only digital program that should be configured to use any serial port for any purpose is the primary TX/RX engine, whichever one that happens to be, and even then only for FSK keying, not for radio control. The receive-only engines should not be configured to use any serial ports. None of the digital programs should be trying to do any kind of radio control other than FSK and maybe PTT keying from the main engine only; radio control is handled by the main N1MM+ program.


It's simpler to set up fldigi inside N1MM+ rather than stand-alone, because you d on't have to worry about rig control or PTT. Remember that fldigi, like MMTTY, must be run from a folder that is outside the protected Program Files path when it is run from N1MM+, as described in the documentation.



Rich VE3KI

---In N1MMLoggerplus@..., <w0mu@...> wrote :

I was trying to get all three to work and ended up creating so odd com
port conflicts that would not release without a computer reboot.

I have a K3 and use FSK keying. Are the majority of RTTY users using
FLdigi for the main tx/rx and then using 2tone and mmtty or similar for
receive windows?

Is FLdigi like mmtty where you want to get it running stand alone first
then work it into N1MM+?


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