KAM TNC Needed..

Rick Ellison

It has come to my attention that the way I have done programming to support
TNC's does not work correctly with the KAM TNC.

After exchanging emails with Kantronics they have confirmed that the use of
a cmd: prompt will not work for the KAM. I need to write a module that
supports the KAM in Host mode to allow better control over the KAM. I know
one of you or some of you have a KAM sitting in your basement or garage
since you probabaly haven't used it in a couple of years.

I need to have one for testing. I'm looking for a version 7 or 8 or newer of
the KAM. I will need it for about a month and I will ship it back to you
unless you indicate otherwise when I am done.

If you have one of these and would like to send it on vacation to Snowy
Upstate NY Email me direct at rellison@twcny.rr.com. I will inform the group
when I have one..

73 Rick N2AMG

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