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Rick Ellison

I have found that Almost all of the errors being reported with the digital engines has been corrected by the user running N1MM+ using the “Run as Administrator” settings. If you have any error’s with the digital engines crashing and generating an error report try running it as Administrator and see if that corrects your issues.


73 Rick N2AMG


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In a normal installation, you run N1MM+ by simply clicking on the icon. The only time I ever use the right-click "Run as Administrator" option when starting the program is when N1MM+ on my computer is networked with N1MM+ running on other computers and one of the other computers is acting as the master for purposes of synchronizing clocks. In that particular situation, you have to give N1MM+ elevated privileges in order to allow it to adjust your system's clock to synchronize with the master. The master station does not need elevated privileges and does not need to be run as administrator.; ditto for a non-networked copy of N1MM+.



Rich VE3KI

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Anything I can do to correctly open N1MM without using run as administrator ?


I am using Windows 10.




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