Re: OTRSP Protocol Setup

Matt Murphy

Thanks for the tip about VSP Manager. I've emailed K5FR.


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VSP manager is free to hams from K5FR. Contact him for downloading instructions.

That's what I use for controlling my YCCC SO2R+ box.

Mike VE9AA

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Out of curiosity, why won't N1MM support named pipes?  Just asking with respect to technology / tradeoffs, not complaining about features/prioritization. 

VSP appears to cost $99. Before I purchase a copy, is anyone aware of a cheaper licensing option?  

On an unrelated note, is there a way to send arbitrary hex or ascii to an arbitrary serial port using an N1MM+ macro, ignoring active/inactive status, etc., but possibly useful for other applications. Similarly, a macro to make a GET request on a URL would be pretty cool. 

Matt NQ6N

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 3:30 PM, Steve London n2ic@... [N1MMLoggerplus] <> wrote:

Larry misspoke.

You set up a virtual serial port connection pair between N1MM+ and the
YCCC SO2R, just as outlined in the YCCC SO2R box manual. N1MM+ does not,
and will not, support a named pipe.

VSP Manager works very well for setting up the serial port connection pair.

Steve, N2IC

On 12/05/2016 02:18 PM, Jack Brindle jackbrindle@... [N1MMLoggerplus]
> Why a real serial port? The YCCC Box is a USB HID device, and has no
> async serial port at all.
> - Jack, W6FB
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>> Matt,
>> You will need a serial port – either real or virtual – to interface
>> the YCCC box to N1MM+.
>> -larry (K8UT)
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>> Hello,
>> I finally assembled my YCCC SO2R box and in the manual it says that
>> N1MM Logger supports connecting it via named pipes.
>> I was under the impression that a virtual serial port is not required
>> when using named pipes (OS is Windows 10). From the YCCC SO2R Box
>> manual version 1.3:
>> */A virtual COM port driver is also required to connect the SO2R Box
>> interface program with the logging program (unless the logging program
>> supports named pipes).
>> /*
>> Is there a way to connect the box to N1MM+ without selecting a serial
>> port? When I select OTRSP in the configurer there is an error message
>> requiring me to select a serial port in order to save.
>> Advice much appreciated.
>> 73,
>> Matt NQ6N

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