Re: Another QTC issue

Rick Ellison

I will look at this as it should not have cleared when doing that…

73 Rick


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I did NOT hit enter or tab out of anything. The QTC header was the first thing I clicked in the DI window but it showed up corrupted in the QTC window. Because all the QTCs were coming in fast I clicked all QTCs into the RX-QTC window. Only then I clicked on “header again” in the RX-QTC window and that action cleared out all QTCs.


73 de Goetz DJ3IW


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If you hit Enter or tabbed out of the header window that is correct operation.  After entering the info just click out of it and it should not clear the window. Since you had all 10 qtc you should have just clicked the save button and everything would have been ok..


73 Rick n2AMG


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Hi all,

I received a 10 QTC series but the header as copied to the RX-QTC window was
So after copying all 10 QTCs without problems I needed to ask for a repeat
of the header.
Immediately ALL QTCs were cleared out and lost! That should not happen when
asking for a repeat of just the header.

73 de Goetz DJ3IW

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