sending serial commands to arbitrary com ports using macro

Matt Murphy

Just wondering if there is a way to send serial commands to arbitrary com ports using an N1MM Logger Macro.  

I would ideally like to control aspects of my SPE amplifier using F keys and have resorted to writing an autohotkey script which captures CTRL-A and switches the amp's antenna switch without removing focus from N1MM Logger: 

The key is not removing focus from the logger / entry window. The SPE utility is great and can sit on the screen alongside N1MM, but having to grapple with the mouse to change focus or alternate through alt-tab cycling of windows is very slow. 

Along those lines, it would be great if there were some way to incorporate "plug-ins" that could be controlled using keyboard sequences or macros so that vendors could design their control panels, etc. to live inside N1MM so the user would not have to worry about mouse movement, multiple clicks, etc. to restore window focus after switching an antenna, etc. I think it would be similar to how the RTTY decoder windows are "captured", but it would also be useful to have some windows never be able to retain focus and instead to accept a click/command and immediately give focus back to the previously focused window. 

One other minor thing along those lines is that I'd also like to be able to fine tune CW messages gradually while contesting, so being able to leave the child window open in the background would be very useful. 

73, and thanks for reading/considering.  Thanks again for building such superb software. 

Matt NQ6N

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