rtty issue

barry whittemore

I have an issue that when i opoen  to digi interface window and MMTTY is selected and in FSK RTTY mode, it opens fine and MMTTY is in FSK RTTY my K3 switches to DATA A and N1MM switches to PSK31. MMTTY works fine but it gets logged as psk and needs to be edited.
My wifes PC is set up the same way and hers operates fine while controlling the same radio. I have compared the setups and all looks the same.
I am not sure if it is a MMTTY issue or an N1MM issue.  This is a fairly new thing as it was all working as expected.  I have MMVARI and FLDIGI available for afsk modes but prefer fsk MMTTY for RTTY
I am pretty sure it is a setting but i have not been able to find it.
any Ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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