Re: WAE - QTC - EU side

Rick Ellison

I will add this to my look at after pile..

73 Rick N2AMG


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I just did some testing. The basic common scenarios work out fine in run and S&P. So it should be OK.

But of course there is always that unexpected live situation you can't imagine when thinking of situations...


I didn't know there was a setting in the WAE QTC Window Setup Area, being the 'TU msg sent on exit'. EU ops might want to check that out.

FYI: I put    TU *   there so it says thanks and my call when closing the QTC window.


Rick - is the following possible? When you enter an impossible time in the time field of the QTC (like 1565), just make that textbox turn RED. Nothing more, no messages, not changing focus, not preventing to write to the DB or close the window, no events or limitations whatsoever. Just make the background red as a visual indication until there is a valid time.



Franki ON5ZO

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