Re: Proposed QTC Message Customizations - DX Side

Rick Ellison

#1 would not be in compliance with the rules: and Looking at it, it’s not in compliance as it is. It should be sending to 3 places. I’ll see what the WAE guys say about that..

5 Exchange

A contest QSO can only be conducted between a European and a non-European station (exception: RTTY, see §12). The exchange consists of RS/RST and a progressive serial number starting with 001. If the station worked does not send a serial number, log the contact with number 000. Each station can be credited only once per band.

#2 is doable. I will add that to my list….


73 Rick N2AMG


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Good Day, everyone:

I propose two enhancements to the QTCs sent by DX stations in WAE - for the 2017 running of the event! :-)

1) Don't send leading zeros in one-digit serial numbers (e.g. 01 instead of 1) if "Send Leading Zeros in Serial Numbers" is not checked in the "Function Keys" tab of the Configuration Window (or, alternatively, add a "Setup" parameter to the QTC Window to control this). The extra digit can be confusing in marginal conditions and takes extra time
2) Add the option to send only minutes in QTCs 2-10 if the hour doesn't change. (This could also be a "Setup" parameter in the QTC window for DX stations).

i.e., send:
2356 DR1A 1
57 DR2A 22
58 DR3A 5
0401 DR4A 5

instead of the current:
2356 DR1A 01
2357 DR2A 22
2358 DR3A 05
0401 DR4A 05

IIRC, N1MM Classic provided the shorter messages.

Thanks and 73,

Mark, KD4D

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