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Rick Ellison

At this time the messages are hard coded but I will add the ability to let the user set what he wants to send. At the current time it just sends AGN TIME. AGN CALL, AGN SERIAL.

For the guys sending QTC pressing just 1, 2, 3 will send the individual section of the qtc for repeats. Also pressing 4 will send a repeat of the qtc header.


Not sure if others know but there are other Key Commands that work with the QTC Window besides 1, 2, 3, 4, Shift1, Shift2, Shift3

F-Key that is assigned to the Again key will clear the QTC lines of current row and send AGN

F-Key that is assigned to the TU key will act like hitting the Exit button on the QTC Window.

All other function keys are passed to the Entry Window.

CW Mode


CTRL-K = Open the CW send window

CTRL-Q – Enters Quick Edit mode in Entry Window



CTRL-A – Subtracts 1 from qtc number in QTC header and removes 1 QTC Entry line

ALT-A – Increases QTC Header qtc count by 1 and adds 1 QTC entry line

ALT-W – Clears the current QTC row



ALT-Enter or +(plus) key – Repeat last string sent


73 Rick N2AMG


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Excellent Rick - just read your post and yes it's Shift-1,2 or 3. That's what I'm looking for...! Is there any means of editing the the messages? In the past when I've been using paper I've just sent 'time', 'cl' or 'nr' like most folk seem to and a lot shorter than for eg 'agn serial'....


Thanks for the info folks, a great facility this group!



Stew, GW0ETF(GW4J)


(I've not seen this info in the documentation anywhere)

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Besides using Shift 1, Shift 2 and Shift 3 keys you will notice if anything in the QTC row is skipped or has an error the AGN button for that row will highlight and pressing enter will send AGN#


73 Rick N2AMG



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Yes, the QTC window is grabbing focus. However, you still have other alternatives.


1. Use the mouse to select the F-Keys


2. I haven't confirmed this one as I am not set up as an EU station, but I assume that keyboard 1, 2, and 3 are active in the QTC Window and will send time?, call? & nr? accordingly for an EU side station.


Note, it is best to make sure you are using the current version (1.0.5849.0) as there have been some recent changes to the QTC software.


>> Gerald, VE1DT



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First off I'm not asking for any recoding or otherwise at this late stage, so read this more as observations which may or may not be looked at later.....

Previously I've played in WAE and logged QTCs on paper for entry later (yuk..!). This time I'll have a go at logging real time using the QTC window and have noticed that the main logging functions lose focus when this window is open. This means I can't use my <Cl?> and F-key macros to get quick repeats of just those elements and avoid an message being sent from the QTC window which would have the whole qtc being sent which I don't want/need. The only way I can find to do this is with the paddles, ok but means leaving the keyboard momentarily. Also I can't use my footswitch set to ESM-Enter to move through the qtc elements which makes things a little easier and smoother.

Yes, I'm not the worlds most accomplished typist and every little bit helps particularly in this contest...

Stew, GW0ETF(GW4J)


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