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Rick Ellison

This is how the QTC window has always been. Its just like any other window if you click someplace else focus is going to shift. I could make the window modal so it stays open and focused until you finish using it but I think this brought some other results that didn’t work correctly.


73 Rick N2AMG


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I can reproduce the non-responsive ENTER issue. I am using Windows 10, but I don't know if this is specific to Windows 10.


It only requires that the QTCWindow loses focus. This can happen by clicking on another window after which the Enter key no longer goes to the QTCWindow, at least until you bring focus back to the QTCWindow.


You can also lose focus just by hovering the mouse over the bandmap. You can see this happening if you watch the top line of the QTCWindow. In my setup, I have QTCWindow showing in black text on a white background when the window is in focus. When the window loses focus the QTCWindow text turns to a light gray, so it is not all that easy to distinguish between the two states unless you are looking for the change.


The behaviour will also vary depending on where the QTCWindow shows up. If the QTCWindow is positioned over the Bandmap, just bringing the mouse over the QTCWindow/Bandmap will take focus away from the QTCWindow. Clicking on the QTCWindow with the mouse will bring the focus back, just don't drag the mouse pointer outside the QTCWindow boundary.


Better yet, move the QTCWindow away from the bandmap and just remember if you click on another window, you will need to get focus back to the QTCWindow. Hopefully, this is the scenario you are seeing and if so, it should be relatively easy to avoid.


>> Gerald, VE1DT



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Hello, Rick and everyone:

This also happens on version 1.0.5774.0.

On that computer, I tried pressing the "SND1" key with the mouse after the three QTCs were displayed. The "enter" key sent the second QTC. Further presses of "enter" had no effect.


Mark, KD4D

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Good day, Rick:

I arrived at the contest station today. I loaded the new version of N1MM Plus and created a new database. I set up for NAQP CW, SO2R, radio control, LPT CW, and DVK. That went fine - SO2R with some tweaks to the CW messages, setting the "big gun" switch, and disabling F8 Again functionality....

I then created a "WAECW" log in the same database with no other configuration changes. I logged four fake QSOs on Radio 1 (with CW sending and radios attached to the computer and dummy loads). I hit CTRL-Z and then return for the pop-up window for QTC count. N1MM Plus sent "QTC 1/3" (as expected) and filled in the callsign of my fourth fake QSO in the Radio 1 entry window.

The QTC window shows the three QTCs (correctly) and the SND1 button is Green. "Enter" has no effect I can detect at all. The background of the entry window is white and the cursor in the entry window is blinking. The SND1 button is still green.

This is on a Windows 7 computer - not the Windows 10 laptop. I will leave this computer as-is so I can check things for you if that will help.

I have three other Windows 7 computers here. I will test whatever older version of N1MM Plus is installed on them (probably from mid-July for IARU) and see if the same thing happens.


Mark, KD4D

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