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Rick Ellison


It sounds like you found an issue where focus was not returned to the current button that should be next in the sequence. I will look at this and see if I can see why the focus was not returned..

As long as the currently highlighted button has focus Enter should work. If you do not move focus  you should be able to do the whole QTC series by hitting enter all the way thru esp. if you are a non-eu station.


73 Rick N2AMG


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I played around with this a little bit this morning.  Using Win 7 Pro x64.


I could not get the ENTER key to not work, except in one case.

If I opened the SETUP for the QTC window, then closed it, the Enter key would not work.  

If I used the mouse to click the "SND 1" button, the first QTC would send, the SND 2 button would turn green, and the ENTER key would then send the next QTC and subsequent QTCs when I pushed it.  Clicking anywhere in the QTC Window would not do it; I had to click on one of the message buttons.


If I put the computer focus on another program- like, writing this emal- then returned the focus to the N1MM+ EW, the ENTER key would not send the next QTC.  If I clicked anywhere in the QTC Window, the ENTER key would again work.


A couple of things that I couldn't find in the documentation:

Looking at the CW Setup of the QTC window, it looks like all the check boxes are for stations receiving QTCs, i.e. Europeans.  Stations outside Europe should uncheck all the boxes.  


At the bottom of the QTC CW Setup tab there is a box for "TU Message to send on Exit:" For a non-European, If you don't put anything in here, when you finish the QTC sending the window will close and nothing will be sent.  You can put a customized message here, anything you want, and it will be sent when the QTC Window closes, or you can put {F3} and the program will send your normal F3 message when the QTC Window closes.


Dennis W1UE



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