Re: WE QTC sending and ESM

Rick Ellison


Were the QTC windows populated with information after it sent qtc 1/6??

There is a sequence that happens in highlighting the buttons so I am trying to figure where it is breaking..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Good day:

After I start a QTC sequence with CTRL-Z, N1MM+ sends QTC 1/6 when I hit return.

Then, the first "Send" button in the QTC window turns green. Subsequent enters have no effect. The mouse pointer moves to the QTC window but focus doesn't appear to.

If I click in the QTC window, it works. What am I doing wrong? This is a Windows 10 Laptop and a micro2r using the Micro ham protocol and winkeyer with virtual com ports.

The station logging computers are Windows 7 - is this a Windows 10 problem?


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