Re: monitoring your own transmitted RTTY text

Rick Ellison


MMTTY outputs its transmitted text to the Logger via a message event. Once the characters are received from the message event they print directly to the RX window. Shouldn’t matter what device you have hooked up as this comes from MMTTY directly to the logger. I do not know of a setting in MMTTY that stops this from happening.  Did received text print ok to the window??


73 Rick N2AMG


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Trying to help a RTTY newbie setup his Microkeyer II to his K3, we had everything working in NAQP except whatever he sent was not visible in the digi window of MM+. We noticed it scrolled by in the microkeyer window, but a nusiance to try to keep your eyes on the screen and the keyer......I noticed a post about the recent K3 firmware, but Ed doesn’t have that installed in his there a setting or something we missed? With my microkeyer, I didn’t have to do anything, what I sent was automagically captured in the digi window.....


73, Jamie WW3S


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