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Rick Ellison


CWGet will only copy and pass variables to one window in the unregistered version. If the full version it will then pass to 2 windows. I have no control over this it’s the author of CWGet that has placed those limitations.


73 Rick n2AMG


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I asked this before and got an answer that I though was correct but does
not seem to be 100% accurate.

I am running two radios, a 1000 MP and and 857D. I set up for SO2R not
because I want to run that class but for the ease of not having to
reconfigure the options to go from an HF to VHF contest and change
radios in the setup.

The question that I had was about CWGet. I asked why I did not see
CWGet working for the 857D. The answer was that I needed two copies in
different directories. I did this and it partially seems to be
working. When I setup the 857D I select the correct directory that the
CWGet program is in. I can see the CW on the CWGet Screeen but NOT on
the N1MM Sub-screen, the one with the green sidebar on the left side.

Does anyone know why the CW STILL does not get passed to that screen?
I'd hate to go back to single radio and having to reconfigure for each
contest the radio I want to use, so I like to find out what I may be
doing wrong here. The setup screen is correct for the directory the
program is in so it should work.

Any ideas?


Al - N1API

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