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Rick Ellison

#2 Just type SSB in the Entry Window and it should switch the mode that instance of the logger is in and correctly show the band buttons..

73 Rick N2AMG


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Now that the dust has settled on this year’s Field Day, I have time to make a few observations.


Our club operated 2A+GOTA+VHF with a 7-node N1MM+ network.  Our nodes were: “CW”, “PHONE”, “VHF”, “GOTA”, “FLEX”, “MASTER” and “FD-STATS”.  We used a FLEX-5000 in the phone station (running on a computer called “FLEX”) with a separate logging computer (called “PHONE”).  Both of these computers were part of the N1MM+ network and both were connected to the same Flex-Radio CAT port.  Most contacts were logged on PHONE, but the PSK-31 contacts were logged directly on the FLEX using VAC for the audio connections.  The GOTA station had two computers, one was part of our main N1MM+ network so we could see their VFO and send/receive messages.  The other computer called “GOTA-LOGGER” maintained a separate GOTA log.  “MASTER” was a separate master log computer and FD-STATS was a separate computer setup in a Search and Rescue vehicle with a 40” TV monitor that could display real-time stats using Athena software.  Unfortunately, the SAR vehicle was called out to a search and we lost this capability during the event.


A few observations/questions:


1.  How is the master node selected?  The check-boxes seemed to have no effect.  It looked like the node with the lowest IP address was automatically selected as the master.  Or perhaps the node with the net-bios name “MASTER”. :-)  In any case it got it right and our master node was automatically selected (correctly).


2. We had a problem with band/mode selection on some nodes.  After mistakenly selecting Dig(ital) in the entry window on a non-Digitally configured computer, the band/mode switch buttons would not allow a return to Ph(one).  The Ph button would not select and any contacts logged from that point on were mode=RTTY.  The work-around was to enter “USB” in the E/W which either immediately selected Ph or, in other cases, then allowed the Ph button to be clicked successfully.


3. During the event, the function keys on our CW station got messed up.  The Top-left function button control on the Entry Window changed from F1 to F12 and all of the buttons were offset by one.  To get F1 you had to press F2, to get F2 you had to press F3, etc.  We didn’t resolve this during field day – we just instructed all the operators to “add-1” mentally before pressing a function button. :-).  After field day I found the problem was caused by a typo in the CW macro file.  The first line of that file contained a bare comma.


The logging itself ran great with all active nodes working flawlessly throughout the event.  We used a physical CAT5 wired network with Power injectors and POE switches to span our 800’ antenna foot print.



Sheldon VE1GPY



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