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Rick Ellison

This can’t happen as a lot of users are using the same port for CW as they do PTT. When the digital window is open the ports get passed off to the external engine for its use. When you want to go back to CW there is no way to release the port from the digital engine without it being closed. So the digital window closes. This way when you go back to RTTY or one of the other PSK modes the engine gets reloaded and the ports passed back to it…


As for the mode not following the radio this is true.. If you change to 40 LSB how does the logger know you want the Digital window to open?? Do you want to digital or SSB?? There are too many different radio modes to guess at when you want to go to digital. It’s the way it is..


73 Rick N2AMG


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>Even if I'm operating in a Mixed+Digital contest like Field Day, switching to CW closes the Digital Window. Switching back to RTTY opens the Digital Window.
>At least with my computer this is a real pain because it takes a while for the Digital Window to reopen. And, I have to resize the attached decoder windows.

My general-purpose logging database allows all three modes.  When I type RTTY in the entry window, the RTTY Windows all open with the proper size and location, including additional receive windows.  Maybe you need to exit N1MM while the RTTY windows are open, so the windows will initialize properly?


I agree with Hank though that it would make more sense if the RTTY Windows stayed open, even on CW and SSB.

I also notice that, when RTTY is involved,  N1MM doesn’t follow mode selections made on the radio, so I have to type the mode in the entry field.  Likewise, the radio doesn’t reflect the mode typed into the entry window.


Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ





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