Re: FLDigi problem with SO2V Operation

Rick Ellison

When I get back home this afternoon I will find where I made the mistake. It sounds like I just didn’t change the EW2 code in the Fldigi routine..

73 Rick n2AMG


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I can duplicate the problem. It only happens with fldigi, and only in DI2 - the offset frequency is correct when using MMVARI or MMTTY, but when the digital engine is fldigi, the offset in DI2/VFO B has the wrong sign in both PSK and RTTY.


Older versions of N1MM+ are available at the N1MM Logger web site at <>. The error was introduced in version 1.0.5698 - version 1.0.5674 displays the correct frequency when used with fldigi.



Rich VE3KI

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My thoughts exactly - I have checked and rechecked all the settings and, for both VFOs and DI Windows the settings are identical

In the 'Mode Control' section I have changed it all to USB for both RTTY and PSK for both VFOs (just in case I had an issue with modes on the rig)

Also the two VFOs on the rig are both set to USB and to 14070. 

Still getting the same results with:

Entry Window 1 (VFO A) shows 14071.5

Entry Window 2 (VFO B) shows 14068.5


If I now Turn off 'Auto TRXUpdate' in both DI Windows then both EW's show the correct rig freq (14070) and that is what is sent to the log (without the +ve 1500 Hz offset). 


I'm leaning towards a possible coding error for the way DI2 handles the audio offsets. Would it be worth trying an older version of N1MM+ and if so, where would I get one?




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The program seems to be acting as if VFO B is in a lower sideband mode (LSB-Digital instead of USB-DIgital).


One possibility is that the program has VFO B in RTTY mode instead of PSK. Another thing to check is the Mode Control tab in the Configurer, right side (Mode sent to radio) in the Radio 2 / VFO B column.



Rich VE3KI

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I use FLDigi for data modes in SO2V configuration with an IC-7700. 


I have VFO A set to BPSK63 using DI1 window with Entry window 1 and VFO B set to BPSK63 using DI2 window and entry window 2. 


I have been noticing today that stations logged using DI1/EW1 (VFOA) are logged with the correct frequency which is rig suppressed carrier plus audio offset (+1500 when centred in U SB-Digital mode). 


However, when using DI2/EW2 (VFO B) the logged freq is incorrect (Rig freq MINUS the 1500 Hz)


The configuration in N1MM+ is identical for both VFOs and the rig mode is the same for both VFOs (USB-D1). 

I Have 'Auto TRXUpdate' on in both DI Windows. 


As an example, if I set both VFOs on the rig to be on 14070 exactly and then with VFO A/DI1/EW1 selected, the freq readout at the top of EW1 and top of DI1 is the sum of 14070 Plus the audio offset (14071.5 when centred). 

FLDigi waterfall cursor is also at 14071.5


However when I switch to the VFO B/DI2/EW2 combination, everything still works OK but the freq readout at the top of EW2 and DI2 is now 14068.5 and the waterfall cursor is at 14070 (should be 14071.5)


Using the above examples the logged freq for VFO A is 14071.5 (correct) but is 14068.5 fo r VFO B (incorrect)


Any ideas how to rectify this?




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