Re: FLDigi problem

Rick Ellison

Dave W1HKJ sent me a test version of Fldigi to make sure it is back working correctly. He said he will be posting a new version of Fldigi today. You will need this new version for Fldigi to work correctly with N1MM+


73 Rick N2AMG


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I had thought I had the latest version of Fldigi loaded into my directory that I test from, But I did not it was located in another directory. I can confirm that I see the same thing you do Tom and have written an email to Dave W1HKJ to see what he changed in the latest release. There is mention of work done in the TX Add field but that section in the changelog did make it into the final notes. I have not heard back from him yet this evening..


73 Rick n2AMG


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That one works for me too!

Now we are set for Field Day!  I will be part of the N4N group in GA.

Tom - wa4ta

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I found an old version of FLDigi that seems to work.

Fast Light Digital Modem Application. How to repair file fldigi.exe. Original file to replace broken file fldigi.exe.



73 and Aloha, Tom, NH6Y


Look for us on Field Day as KH6RS





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