Re: 857-D Sometimes looses "focus" when switching bands or modes

Rick Ellison

Also one thing to point out if you are using the free version of CW-get only one channel will decode. It takes a registered version before it will allow 2 decode windows to be used.


73 Rick n2AMG


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In SO2R or SO2V with two entry windows open, there are two bandmap windows, two DI windows in digital modes, and two CW reader windows if you are using CW readers. In each case, you open the window for the second entry window from the Windows menu in the second entry window.


In the case of the CW Reader and Digital Interface windows, you need to have two separate copies of the "engine" (CwGet, fldigi, etc.), one for each window, in order to allow the two to decode from two separate audio streams, save the corresponding configuration, etc. This is described in the on-line documentation for the CW Reader and Digital windows.



Rich VE3KI

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I noticed this weekend that my FT-857D will sometime loose "focus" when
I switch the band or the mode at times. It is set up as the second
radio along with my Yaesu 1000MP. I'm playing around in the VHF Contest
with a minimal 2 meter antenna, (because the SteppIR is being repaired),
so the tower is tipped over in the yard.

Also notice that when using the CW Reader feature with CwGet for the
857D the reader works but nothing shows on the sub screen, (the one with
the green border that comes up), and I'm not sure why? I know that it
works correctly for the 1000 MP, just not sure why not for the 857D? I
know for both radios there are two of each screen, are there two for the
CW Reader also?


Al - N1API

(With ants in my pants waiting for my ECUs to be delivered tomorrow!)

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