Re: N1MM+ HRD?

Rick Ellison

No there is not a bridge to HRD available for N1MM.

If you want your qso’s uploaded to Clublog you can go to my website and download the Clublog uploader from there. After setting up the UDP broadcast settings in n1MM every time you log a qso it is uploaded to ClucbLog.


73 Rick n2AMG


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Have used N1MM for many years....CX7TT/CW7T and now HP1XT, as of
mid-March 2016.

I recently implemented HRD and like the feature where Qs logged are
automatically sent to ClubLog. I have the Clublog feature on my
page so guys can get almost instant confirmation.

I would like to keep using N1MM+ as my GUI for the ability to use the F
keys and key the K3s to send cw.

Is there a way to continue to use N1MM+ to operate pileups, contest
style, and have Qs also link to HRD log/ClubLog; without having to use
N1MM then upload to HRD after each session?

Tnx y 73

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