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I am not 100% certain regarding the suggestions you provided in 1 & 2. I don't operate modes other than RTTY, so my perspective is from that singular mode.

My thought is when you are in CW or SSB mode and you change to RTTY, you should end up on the same frequency you last used for the RTTY frequency on the current band. That would be a change from how it currently works. For example, on my IC-7700 in FSK mode, if I am in CW mode on 14100 KHz and I type RTTY + Enter, my VFO changes to 14102.15. When I enter CW + Enter, the radio remains on that frequency and switches back to CW mode. Without touching anything and typing RTTY + Enter again, the VFO changes to 14104.24. Continuing to toggle between CW and RTTY, the VFO walks itself up the band 2.125 KHz after each toggle into RTTY.
I found the cause for the jumping I had an extra Align frequency call that should not have been there.. it is corrected now. I was thinking about using the last used frequency used on the band/mode but then was thing about a qso I had last year in one of the multi-mode contests where we completed a rtty contest and the other station wanted to switch to PSK31 and complete a qso. I just typed in the entry window PSK31 and when it loaded we finished our qso. If I had it setup to load the last band frequency I would have had to go searching for the other station. After thinking about this I’m going to leave the radio frequency alone and just have it use the current frequency that is on the radio.

During all the contesting I have done over the years using N1MM, I have not perceived any problem in this regard. But I am seldom swapping between modes during any contests.

What is more annoying to me is accidentally clicking on a RTTY spot or the RTTY mode button in the Entry Window and how painfully long it takes MMTTY to come up ready to operate. I experience the same long delay when leaving RTTY mode. I am running on a fast i7 3.3 MHz CPU, Windows 10 with plenty of memory. Speeding up the loading/unloading of the Digital Interface(s) would be something I would enjoy. I don't know if it would be possible to have "warm copies" of the DI preloaded into memory so changing in/out of digital modes would be more instantaneous.
I know of the wait but the problem results from the digital engines not wanting to share ports with other applications. If you have a port setup for PTT and CW and you are using MMTTY as your engine it wants full control over that port and will not release it until it closes. Its just easier and you do not have to worry about port conflicts if the window is closed and all ports used get released.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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I’m doing some work on the auto TRX update calculations as for some of the engines they were not correct. But then I found some other issues.

If you are in say CW or SSB and you type RTTY or PSKxx into the entry window. Where should your current radio frequency end up??

1.       On the zero ends of your waterfall.

2.       On your digital alignment frequency for the engine being used.


This is not consistent for the various engines so I want to make it all the same way.

73 Rick N2AMG


73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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