Re: Problem with Volta RTTY contest

Rick Ellison


Does your F3 macro contain {LOG} at the end of the macro??

Since you are pressing F3 it will just send the contents of the macro and not do anything else if you add the {LOG} to the end of the macro it will then log the contact.


73 Rick n2AMG


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>I can’t duplicate that problem here. My test sequence goes like this:
>In a clear Entry Window with ESM, you enter a callsign,
>press to call him, press to
>advance the cursor to the RcvdNr field, type the
>received number, finally press to send your exchange and log the QSO.
>-larry (K8UT)


I'm using a slightly different sequence:

Enter a callsign
Press spacebar
Send F2 message
Manually type his serial number
Press F3 to log it

At this point Logger highlights the received serial number and refuses
to log it. HOWEVER, that only happens if I manually enter the serial
number. If I click on it, it works fine.

73, Bill W6WRT

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