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Rick Ellison

Let me digest this and will go to work doing some coding. Both engines should act the same and I thought they did. But it’s obvious that something has changed.


On the subject of typing PSK in the entry window. I do not do anything with that because MMVARI/Fldigi needs to know what mode it should be set to, by typing PSK there is no way to know what mode you want MMVARI/Fldigi to switch to. And I figure what’s 2 or 3 extra characters of typing..


73 Rick N2AMG


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First, if you want to use fldigi for both PSK and RTTY, the simplest solution to the mode change problem might be to use DATA A for all digital modes including RTTY. However, whether you do this or not, in order to be sure contacts are logged in the correct mode, you should make your mode changes from N1MM+, not from fldigi. It may be possible to change this in future, but I believe this is what you have to do with the current program version. 


Rick N2AMG (who programs the digital modes in N1MM+) is away for several days, so if there are any changes to be made they will have to wait on his return.


In much more detail:


In order to isolate issues related specifically to fldigi from more general issues with N1MM+, here is what happens when MMVARI is used rather than fldigi:


1. Changing modes by clicking on one of the RTTY or PSK buttons in the band panel in the N1MM+ Entry window causes the following to happen:

a. The logging mode in N1MM+ changes to match the mode of the button that was clicked on.

b. The frequency changes to match the last-used frequency in that mode on the band of the button that was clicked on.

c. If the DI window is not open, it is opened.

d. The digital engine changes to the Default RTTY or PSK interface depending on which button was clicked on. These defaults are defined in the DI Setup window.

e. If the default interface for the button mode is MMVARI, the mode in MMVARI changes to match the button mode.

f. The radio's mode is changed to the mode specified in the Configurer under Mode Control, Mode sent to radio (right-hand side). The RTTY button in the band panel selects the radio mode specified for RTTY under Mode sent to radio, and the PSK button in the band panel selects the radio mode specified for PSK under Mode sent to radio. A mode of RTTY in the pull-down selector puts the K3 into FSK D mode; AFSK in the pull-down selector puts the K3 into AFSK A mode; and PSK in the pull-down selector puts the K3 into DATA A mode. 

Note that on the K3, in either FSK D or AFSK A you want AutoTRXUpdate turned off, whereas in DATA A you want it turned on, i.e. in order to log frequencies accurately, you will have to change the AutoTRXUpdate setting when the K3 changes modes between RTTY (either FSK D or AFSK A) and DATA A. You can avoid this in dual-mode contests by using DATA A for RTTY as well as for PSK and leaving AutoTRXUpdate on in both modes.


2. Changing modes by typing RTTY, PSK31 or PSK63 into the call sign box in the Entry window and pressing Enter is almost the same, except step b above does not happen, i.e. the frequency does not change (if AutoTRXUpdate is turned on, there may be a small 85 Hz shift because MMVARI uses the centre frequency in RTTY instead of the Mark frequency).


Comment: It might be nice if typing PSK (rather than PSK31 or PSK63) into the call sign box also switched the logging mode to PSK; right now it appears to be treated the same way as a partial call sign, i.e. with ESM on, typing PSK and pressing Enter causes F4 or F1 to be transmitted.


3. Changing modes inside MMVARI works very much like 2 above, i.e. MMVARI is sufficiently well-integrated that changing modes in MMVARI causes N1MM+ to change modes as well.


4. Changing the Interface from the DI window menu will change the digital engine, but in the case of MMVARI the mode will be the last mode that was used in MMVARI, i.e. if you are currently in RTTY and change interfaces to MMVARI, it may switch everything to PSK if that was what was last used in MMVARI.


Comment: Perhaps the mode currently in use before the interface change should take priority over the mode last used in MMVARI.


Now for fldigi. The first point is that changing the Op Mode in fldigi has no effect on N1MM+, at least in the current version. This might be an implementation issue, i.e. it might or might not be feasible to integrate fldigi into N1MM+ as closely as MMVARI is; or it might just be a bug. Leaving that aside until Rick returns, a workaround for now is to make all mode changes from N1MM+, not from fldigi. This might require you to change the Default RTTY and PSK Interface in the DI Setup to fldigi, in order to prevent the program from changing to MMTTY or MMVARI when you change modes.


The second point is that when the digital engine is fldigi, changing the logging mode in N1MM+ apparently does not quite complete the mode change on the radio if a change is required. After changing the logging mode, the radio's mode does not change until the next frequency change commanded from N1MM+. This looks like a bug, but in the interim there is a work-around: after changing modes from N1MM+, you can type either +0 or -0 into the Entry window and press Enter. This will cause a frequency change of zero, and that will update the mode sent to the radio.


Note that fldigi assumes the radio is in upper sideband for all modes, including RTTY. If you set the Mode sent to radio in the Configurer for RTTY to PSK, the K3 will stay in DATA A for RTTY as well as for PSK, and you won't have to use the Reverse button for RTTY in fldigi. If you do this, you would leave AutoTRXUpdate on in both modes. This may be a simpler way to operate with fldigi, at least in dual-mode contests. Note that if you do this, you can change modes using fldigi's Op Mode menu, but if you do so, N1MM+ will continue to log the contacts in the previous mode, i.e. you might find contacts being logged in the wrong mode even though the operation appears to be correct. Again, the solution, at least for now, is to make mode changes from N1MM+ and not from fldigi.



Rich VE3KI


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I've installed FLdigi to run in N1MM for the RSGB PSK/RTTY contests. I can send & receive in both modes OK. The only issue is when I try changing from PSK to RTTY (and vice versa) pressing the OpMode in FLdigi engine 1 window my K3 does not change mode.

Everything else appears to work OK with my setup except the above.

My setup: N1MM+, FLdigi, MK2, K3 (AFSK A for RTTY & DATA A for PSK)

Is there something I'm missing out or doing wrong?



73 de Steve GM4OSS


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