Rick Ellison


I am curious what window were you right clicking in that was not working with the right click?

The minimized (not the attached) rx window or the actual Gritty window??

The minimized one should already accept the right click but I have not added a right click option for the actual Gritty window. It would be easy to intercept the right clikc in Gritty and have that act the same way when using the Right click sends setting.


73 Rick N2AMG


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Hi Rich & All
I stand corrected on this. A week or 2 ago or so when I first set this up you couldn't use GRITTY as an attached window. I'm thinking it would even tell you that. I just tried this again and now it can be attached and works just fine. I guess that is what I get for assuming and not rechecking. I was actually using them this weekend unattached. I prefer them to be attached.

sorry for all the useless emails

Steve AI9T

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