Re: Band plan spot different from rig fequency

Rick Ellison


I have been trying to figure where an offset of 55hz would come from. None of the program offsets would equal 55hz. So my conclusion is :

A.      On the digital setup window do you have Shift Compensation enabled and have set a value of 55hz??

B.      Your radio is off frequency by 55hz.


Looking at all of the other calculations that are set by the program equal 55hz. 85hz is a common one for centering the audio frequency on the correct frequency but not 55hz..


73 Rick N2AMG


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During the EA Rtty contest last weekend, I came accross a very frustrating situation. While I undestand fully that the digital interface window is the mark frequency and the rig shows the carrier frequncy; however, when I select a station spotted on the band plan, it shifts my rig to approx. 55hz too high. In other words I have to then tune down by about 55Hz to find the station. Can this be compensated for some how? I am running afsk in lsb data mode and have selected the "Turn auto trxupdate on" from the setup menu.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Thomas oh2euu

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