Rick Ellison

Gritty is already click compatible with N1MM.. Its been like that since its
inception many months ago...

Alex at the time I implemented Gritty into N1MM we were not sure how it was
going to be accepted. I do need to go back and change some of my programming
around. When I get time I will do more of implementation. Actually the way
N1MM is written the exchange and such are not known to the digital window. I
purposely made the digital window kinda on the dumb side as I know At some
point another programmer will need to take over the digital coding that I do
and leave it as simple as possible. I leave the clicking on exchange pieces
on the operator. Gotta keep them awake doing something..

73 Rick N2AMG

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Hi Hank,

I am glad that you liked Gritty. It should not be very difficult to
implement the complete set of mouse-click operations at the
N1MM+ side, because When you click on something in Gritty's decoded
N1MM+ text, it sends all information about your click (left/right
button, ctrl/alt/shift modifier keys, clicked text and its type
(call/exchange/other), to the logger.

I am also wondering if some smart processing of the exchange could be added
to N1MM+. It is known in advance what pieces of info are supposed to appear
in the exchange message, and N1MM+, instead of requiring the operator to
place the cursor in certain input fields and click on each piece of
exchange, could just parse the whole message and populate all fields at
once. E.g., if the user clicked on "599 123 123 2359 2359" in the BARTG
contest, the logger would place 123 in the serial number field, and
2359 in the utc field.

73 Alex VE3NEA

On 2016-03-20 18:57, Hank Garretson wrote:
BARTG was my first contest using GRITTY. I was delighted. Very good

What would be really neat is if some combination of VE3NEA and the
N1MM team could make GRITTY--not sure if this is right terminology--MMTTY
compatible, like 2Tone, so GRITTY could have all the click features that
MMTTY and 2Tone have.

Diddle Exuberantly,

Hank, W6SX
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