Re: FLdigi habgs N1mm logger +?

Rick Ellison


I am unable to duplicate N1MM freezing when running Fldigi. I have tested this on 2 computers running 2 different OS’s.


What directory do you have Fldigi located in?

In Fldigi do you have XMLRPC set on the Rig Control tab in Fldigi?


73 Rick N2AMG


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Hi everybody
excuse my bad english....
trying to setup latest N1MM Logger for incoming EA63 PSK contest on my Win7 64 bit ultimate.
Everything is fine with MMVARI, but if I try to use latest Fldigi, N1MM logger hangs. When I switch from MMVARI to Fldigi,  logger starts fldigi, which seems to  run and decode smootly, as I can pick signals on the waterfall, but N1MM logger freeze and I have to kill it and restore a previous version of ini file to come back to MMVARI.
Any suggestion?
thank you and 73 de IZ3XNJ Stefano


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