Re: Digital windows multidecoder real estate waste & GRITTY

Rick Ellison


As of now there is no way to reduce the “wasted space” At some point I need to revisit the whole Gritty setup. I implemented it I was not even sure Gritty was going to be around long. The author of Gritty wasn’t sure either at that time. I do need to look at a better implementation for it and will do that . It is on my list to work on..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Hi all.
Just a silly question.

When DI13 is enabled with GRITTY & "Enable attached RX windows" is asserted ...

Is there a way not to waste that not used slice of the, for me, fourth slice?
GRITTY text for quite known reason will flow only inside its text window.
Thus leaving the DI13 without any data ... meaning.

 Thanks for any suggestions or improvement about GRITTY integration.

        73 de iw1ayd Salvo




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