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Gary K9GS

Hi Rich,

Yes..CC User works extremely well with N1MM+ as a "front end" allowing the user with a graphical user interface to issue commands to the cluster you are connecting to. It works best with nodes running CC Cluster software but also works with AR Cluster (version 4 NOT version 6), DX-Spider, etc. It really shines when you connect to a CC Cluster node like VE7CC-1 that provides skimmer spots. You can set filters on the cluster node so that you only get certain bands, modes, spotter origins, etc. CC User then connects to N1MM+ via the localhost port.

I'm a really big fan!

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The buttons in the Telnet window are user-programmable. No single default set of cluster commands is going to make everyone happy. Ideally, users should study the command structure and syntax for the particular cluster they have chosen to connect to, and then program the buttons in the Telnet window with commands that take advantage of the features offered by that cluster's software and that result in filtering appropriate to their particular location, choice of modes, domestic vs. DX spots depending on the contest rules, etc.

I'm going out on a limb here and hoping Lee will correct me when (not if ! ) I get this wrong, but isn't it possible for CC cluster node users to make the job of setting up filter commands easier by using the CC User program as the interface for setting up filters, commands, etc. and then feeding the results to other programs like N1MM+ via a localhost port? I'm supposed to be giving a talk on using the cluster to a local club in a couple of months, so I guess it's high time I downloaded CC User and learned how to use it.

Rich VE3KI

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Although CC Cluster nodes have been operational for 9 years, N1MM still does not have an option for selecting them. The correct command for showing filtered spots for both DX Spider and CC Clusters is SH/MYDX. The command SH/DX gives you all spots, ignoring your filter settings. Your current filter setting at the VE7CC-1 node are to show spots originating in the W5 area. This is restricting your spots so severely that at times it will appear that there are no spots.



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