Re: K3 will not send CW


How are you expecting it to send CW - that is, what method of CW keying are you planning to use, and how do you have it configured? A Winkeyer? Parallel port CW keying? Serial port CW on a separate serial port? Serial port CW keying on the radio control port (this method is unique to the K3 and K3S)? Something else?

See <> for general information on CW keying, and <>, just a few bullets up from the end of the section, where it says "The K3 accepts CW keying on DTR (pin 4) of the same COM port you're using to control the K3", for information on the K3-specific method of using DTR on the radio control port.

Rich VE3KI

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I have downloaded N1MM+ and have set it up so that I have rig band changing and the programs follows the vfo of the K3. I am not able to get the rig to key up and transmit CW macros? All else regarding rig control seems to be fine but this issue. 




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