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Rick Ellison

Do not download and install version 3.23.05 of Fldigi. If you do it will no longer work with N1MM+.

I have written Dave about this and it is also posted on the Fldigi group..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Ok, I know I must be missing something here but...


I just re-formated my PC with windows 10 Professional, N1MM + works flawlessly for cw transmit, RTTY with MMTTY and MMVARI, But I can not get FLDIGI to load.


I installed FLDIGI based on the N1MM + instructions, after the install I reboot the computer, Enter N1MM +, Enter the DIGI mode using MMTTY, everything works great. As soon as I switch to FLDIGI, N1MM + locks up. 


So I then follow the additional suggestion in the manual, create a directory in the Documents N1MM+ called FLDIGI, copy the FLDIGI Executable file there, reboot the computer, start N1MM+ goto Digital mode with MMTTY everything works, go to the DI to change to FLDIGI, N1MM+ locks up again


I then go back reset up FLDIGI, And run N1MM + as administrator, run the DI, change to FLDIGI and same issue N1MM+ just locks up. 


I am using FLDIGI 3.23.05 and N1MM + 1.05325.0.


Also attached is my N1MM+ last error log, and the FLDIGI Stacktrace and status_log all which show errors that I do not understand.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank You!

Dave Greig N3BUO

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