recorded SSB macros blank

Torsten Clay

I tried to get the SSB voice keying in N1MM+ to work for SS SSB and ran into some problems. This was the latest update as of Saturday evening.

What worked:

I ran the mic into the soundcard mic input. Line out went to the K3 line input. This worked fine. Pre-recorded wav files I already had played without problems when I pressed the corresponding function key.  The muting of the soundcard mic during a function key also worked correctly. Basically in terms of playing macros everything worked fine. Since audio was going through the computer whenever I made a live mic qso, there didn't seem to to be a problem with audio source routing.

The problem was that when trying to record a message on the fly (pressing shift-ctrl and the function key), I always got blank messages. I could see that the correct wav file was being accessed and written because watching the file for that macro, its time and size would change after recording. But opening the wav file with audacity, it was always a completely blank file. In the end I had to record macros outside of N1MM with audacity.

Any idea what was wrong?


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